Four smiling Medical Professionals are standing  in a circle, looking down at the camera, and smiling
Four smiling Medical Professionals are standing in a circle, looking down at the camera, and smiling


High Plains Community Health Center is committed to providing services to Limited English Individuals and offers confidential Interpretation and Translation Services with our Certified Translators.

If you require assistance, please identify you need a Translator when you come in for your appointment or when you call. We are hear and ready to assist your needs.

Urgent or Emergency Medical Situations
For after hours emergencies, please call 911 or go to the emergency room.

For urgent or emergency questions after normal clinic hours, call the clinic phone number at 719.336.0261. Your call will be forwarded to our nurse triage system or other appropriate staff. If necessary, your physician or the physician on call will be contacted.

Other Services

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Immunization Registry Notice

Your/your child's shot information is being entered into the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), a confidential, secure, statewide immunization registry. You may choose to exclude your/your child's shot information from CIIS at any time. Please see your healthcare provider for further information.
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CommonWell Health Alliance is a not-for-profit trade association devoted to the simple vision that health data should be available to individuals and caregivers regardless of where care occurs. High Plains participates in CommonWealth and your information will be shared with other CommonWell partners including Prowers Medical Center and UC Health.

Price Transparency

Colorado Law requires High Plains to post full-fee price for the 15 most common services we provide. There are not necessarily the prices you will end up paying, however. Most patients who receive the services noted below at High Plains DO NOT pay the prices listed. The prices listed below are an estimate of what you might pay if:
You do not have insurance (included Medicaid and Medicare);
The service isn't covered by your insurance; or
You are not enrolled in High Plains' Discount Program or other programs offered at High Plains Community Health Center.

CPT      Full Fee      Service Description
99214      $226.00      Office/Outpatient Visit, Establish, Detailed
99213      $149.00      Office/Outpatient Visit, Establish, Moderate
81002      $18.00      Urinalysis, Non-Automated, w/o Scope
D1206      $39.00      Topical Application Fluoride Varnish
D1351      $55.00      Sealant - Per Tooth
90688      $38.00      Flu Vacc 4 Val 0.5 mL Dosage IM
83036      $21.00      Hemoglobin A1C
99202      $151.00      Office/Outpatient Visit, New
H0031      $100.00      Behavioral Health Assessment - New Patient
90832      $126.00      Behavioral Health Visit
99393      $184.00      Preventive Checkup, est, 5-11 Years
D0120      $52.00      Periodic Oral Evaluation - Established Patient
99391      $171.00      Preventative Checkup, est Infant
90715      $84.00      TDAP 7 Years and Older
99392      $186.00      Preventive Checkup, est 1-4 Years