A female therapist is sitting across from a female patient. They are holding hands and look serious
A female therapist is sitting across from a female patient. They are holding hands and look serious

Behavioral Health Services

Our vision is to put into action a system which provides
optimum primary and behavioral health care to patients.

The behavioral health program will include the core competencies that include joint treatment plans, engaged and shared decision-making, mutual trust and respect between staff, and culturally responsive, whole person, family oriented care.

Behavioral Health Team:
Sharon Headrick, LCSW, CAS, Vice President of Behavioral Health Services
Mary Muller, MS, LPC
Pauletta Hickman, LPC

What is Mental Health?

Most would agree that Mental Health involves the daily functioning of a person which in turn leads to:

               *Being productive at work, school, etc.
               *Healthy Relationships
               *A persons ability to change and deal with life, stress, others and choices.

Mental Illness is a disease that causes disturbance in the thinking and behavior of a person.

Signs and Symptoms

Changes in thoughts and behaviors along with some of the following symptoms:

               *Extreme highs and lows
               *Fear, worries, or anxiety
               *Social withdrawal
               *Changes in eating or sleeping
               *Inability to deal with daily issues or activities
               *Substance use
               *Thoughts of suicide
               *Unexplained physical ailments

If you think you, or if you know of someone who might be suffering from mental or emotional problems, remember there is hope and help.

Treatment Therapies:

Services are confidential and offered in English and Spanish.

Therapeutic treatment offered by a trained mental health professional. Psychotherapy researches the thoughts, feelings and behaviors to improve a person's well being.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
CBT is thinking positively about life and changing behaviors.

Family Therapy
Family Therapy includes working with the family to understand and work as a whole unit.

Relationship Counseling
Relationship Counseling involves helping couples to communicate.

Mindfulness Based Therapy
Mindfulness Based Therapy focuses on thoughts and feelings with out becoming overwhelmed.

Usually paired with psychotherapy can be effective in promoting recovery.

Self-Help Plans
Self-Help Plans are health plan where the person addresses his or her condition by carrying out strategies for promoting wellness.


High Plains Community Health Clinic
201 Kendall Drive
Lamar, CO 81052

Pauletta Hickman, LPC
Heather Whisenand, LPCC

Adult Health Center
2221 Wellness Way
Lamar, CO 81052

Sharon Headrick, LCSW, CACIII
Vice President of Behavioral Health Services

Family Health Center
200 Kendall Drive
Lamar, CO 81052

Remote Behavioral Health Clinicians:
Mary Muller, MS, LPC

Behavioral Health Intake Paperwork

Please bring this paperwork to any intake appointment with our Behavioral Health Department.
Behavioral Health Intake Paperwork