Board of Directors

High Plains is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The majority of board members are also users of the health center. Basic responsibilities of the board include:

Define and preserve the mission of the organization
Approve policy
Safeguard the assets of the center
Select, evaluate and support the Executive Director
Monitor and evaluate center and board performance
Plan for the long-term future of the center

To become a board member, please call Eric Niemeyer at 719-336-0261 and fill out an application.

Board Members

Jim Farmer, Board Chairman
Director since 1997

Cecilia Dowell, Vice Chair
Director since 2011

Blake Carere, Treasurer
Director since 2011

Judy Turpin, Secretary
Director since 2008

Jean Lunt
Director since 2003

Helen Sallaway
Director since 1999

Jane May
Director since 2016

Kevin Ridder
Director Since 2016

John Paul Unruh
Director Since 2017

Barbara Taylor
Director Since 2018

Rose Ann Yates
Director Since 2018