High Plains Corporate Compliance Program

High Plains Community Health Center is committed to the ethical and legal conduct of our business operations. The High Plains Community Health Center's Compliance Program demonstrates our commitment to legal and ethical conduct and professional business practices. The Compliance Program supports our commitment to enforce the highest standards of business and professional ethics, while supporting quality care and the efficient delivery of care to our patients and community. Our Compliance Program is a commitment to our patients, our community, our business partners, and government agencies that regulate our practice and ourselves. All Staff Members and Business Partners must make a personal commitment to adhere to the Code of Conduct. High Plains Community Health Center does not and will never condone unethical, non­compliant, or criminal conduct by any High Plains Community Health Center's Staff Members and Business Partners.

Contact Us About Compliance Issues

An open line of communication between the Compliance Officer and Staff Member or Business
Partners is critical to the success of the Compliance Program. Staff Members or Business Partners
are expected and encouraged to report any actual or suspected violation of the laws or regulations
relating to state or federal law. All reports can remain anonymous should the reporting party choose.

Should you see compliance issues at High Plains there are a variety of avenues to submit a report:

Compliance Hotline

Drop Boxes
Locked Compliance reporting Drop Boxes are located in the lobbies of the Main Clinic, Adult Health Center, and the Dental Clinic. Drop Box reports are collected by the Compliance Officer weekly.

Contact our Compliance Officer
Beth Parker
Compliance Officer
336-0261 X 1151

Email Compliance
Beth Parker