Healthier Living Colorado Classes

Join us for a free 6-week workshop that teaches you how to cope with chronic illness, improve your health and your quality of life. The workshop provides simple and practical techniques to help you reduce pain, increase energy, follow your doctor's instructions and do the activities you love despite your health problems.

Topics discussed include:
Formula for a healthy eating plan
Making an action plan
Preventing or delaying the complications of disease
Planning low fat meals
Dealing with stress
Muscle relaxation techniques
Dealing with difficult emotions
Reading nutrition labels
Endurance activities
Guided imagery
Depression management
Positive thinking
Communication skills
Medication usage
Strategies for sick days
Working with your healthcare provider and the health care system
Looking back and planning for the future

Healthier Living classes are a way for you to stop trying to survive and start thriving! If you would like more information please contact Courtney Neuhold, 719-336-0261.

Check the calendar for specific class dates and times.